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Some are listed bellow in our own Network Status, we even have history dating back to 2005..

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18:00 07-Jun-2023

Windows Fault Found Update, We added to AMF options to block these type of domains, but for normal people that have a good dns/firewall if you route/forward the domain dns lookup to a null route then it blocked the problem eg: "com.com.au forward lookups to".

10:00 06-Jun-2023

Windows Fault Found, We found a problem that might effect people and is not our fault, we found that there is a domain registered "com.com.au" the person is trying to host and they are placing some websites address in them like "stats.uptimerobot.com" as "stats.uptimerobot.com.com.au".
Windows is the only software that we see that has this problem with it and the problem comes down to DNS suffix, Windows doesn't do what most other software does and if you do a dns lookup it first tries it with the dns suffix on it and if failed go to the root and come up, No windows goes down the list till it finds a IP and just uses this tho its the wrong address and doesn't show you its wrong, this can be a security issue as if the site does ask for info and people don't see its not the right site then you have given out your access.
It has been reported to both security and providers to look into, but it depends on what they think is right and wrong.
For a temp fix on windows if you go into the network settings for both IPv4 & IPv6 and add in "Append these DNS suffixes" something like "office.local." (To Note: depending on the device and version of windows the last dot might have to be removed) but the name must be short and have .local as the last part, this has fixed many things.

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