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07:40 02-Dec-2023

Warning to all WordPress Sites, We have sent a notice from Wordfence stating
"The Wordfence Threat Intelligence Team has recently been informed of a phishing campaign targeting WordPress users. The Phishing email claims to be from the WordPress team and warns of a Remote Code Execution vulnerability on the user’s site with an identifier of CVE-2023-45124, which is not currently a valid CVE. The email prompts the victim to download a “Patch” plugin and install it, If the victim downloads the plugin and installs it on their WordPress site, the plugin is installed with a slug of wpress-security-wordpress and adds a malicious administrator user with the username wpsecuritypatch. It then sends the site URL and generated password for this user back to a C2 domain: wpgate[.]zip. The malicious plugin also includes functionality to ensure that this user remains hidden. Additionally, it downloads a separate backdoor from wpgate[.]zip and saves it with a filename of wp-autoload.php in the webroot. This separate backdoor includes a hardcoded password that includes a file manager, a SQL Client, a PHP Console, and a Command Line Terminal, in addition to displaying server environment information, This allows attackers to maintain persistence through multiple forms of access, granting them full control over the WordPress site as well as the web user account on the server."

So to all sites users, don't download it what so ever, for the users that we do support and security to this already is being blocked by the software

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