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22:50 07-Jul-2020

NSW Border Closure update, we have the permits in but take note we will protect our self and social distance at all times, Please also note: any places demanding we use there hand sanitisers will be refused service, we can not touch the products due to problems and so we have our own equipment and use it before we attend a site.

12:00 06-Jul-2020

Melbourne stage 3 lock-downs, Due to the Vic Government issuing Stage 3 lock-downs again but only in Melbourne and its suburbs we have taken the hard line and only doing Phone/Internet support for our customers, If we have to attend a site in the lock-down areas then it may impact our other customers as by law we must self-isolate for 14 days after it.

11:00 06-Jul-2020

NSW Border closure, as most have heard the NSW government is going to close the border of Vic/NSW from 12:01am on the 8th Jul 2020, this closure will be for some time, We are in the stage of getting permits as we cover most of Southern NSW and All of Victoria, more Info to come.

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