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Haddow Internet Network Status History For 2022


12:10 31-Aug-2022

Main Hosting server Back online. All is coming back online, of note some emails may be slow to receive but should catch up soon

11:50 31-Aug-2022

Main Hosting server down, The server is being rebooted, upstream is hoping all to come back soon.

11:30 31-Aug-2022

Main Hosting server down Update, The server is not responding at all.

10:10 31-Aug-2022

Main Hosting server down Update, For some reason the server memory is maxed out, Some services are work but web is down, we hope to get a update soon.

09:50 31-Aug-2022

Main Hosting server down, We are looking into this problem again.

07:50 31-Aug-2022

Main Hosting server back online, We are still looking into the problem.

07:50 31-Aug-2022

Main Hosting server down, We are looking into this problem.

15:15 28-Aug-2022

Office main link back on line, Again we lost connection outright to NBN, from our side it looks that the NBN box rebooted as we don't see a tech touching things around here.

15:07 28-Aug-2022

Office main link down, We are looking into the problem again.

13:38 28-Aug-2022

Office main link back on line, We don't know why but we lost connection outright to NBN, from our side it looks that the NBN box rebooted or there might be a line tech touching things.

13:33 28-Aug-2022

Office main link down, We are looking into the problem.

01:10 28-Aug-2022

Network routing back to normal, we are still waiting for reports, but from our side we saw some routing issues but it was to random sites.

01:00 28-Aug-2022

Network routing problem, we are looking into this.

03:45 25-Aug-2022

Office main link back online, Outage was the NBN reported.

03:00 25-Aug-2022

Office main link down, We are looking into it, but looks to be the NBN reported update.

09:15 19-Aug-2022

Office main link update, We have talked to upstream and other places but can not pinpoint what was the cause, On the Office end the NBN link was in sync but no conection at this to providers POI from 2:40, and came back to normal with all working at 3:30, the provider can not see it there end what so ever and state they are looking into it too, from all the tracing on my end it looks to be a NBN problem as the provider's logs don't state anything
Logs on our end state:
Down 02:40, Up 02:56,
Down 02:57, Up 03:00
Down 03:05, back to normal 03:30.

03:30 19-Aug-2022

Office main link back on line, And back to normal, still waiting on report as to the cause as there was no schedule outage

02:40 19-Aug-2022

Office main link down, we are looking into this problem

17:40 18-Aug-2022

Main hosting server back online, Upstream has reported the server was maxed out on resources, they have fixed some of the problems but until they clean up some disk space this might keep happening .

17:25 18-Aug-2022

Main hosting server down, we are looking into the problem.

17:00 17-Aug-2022

NBN outage, We have been given notice of a up and coming NBN outage on the 25th Aug between 3am and 5am that might effect our office main link, during this time our office will run on the backup link till the main link is back online

09:15 09-Aug-2022

Main link problems, for some reasion the firewall did not switch back to the main link, we are looking into why but have refreshed the link and all back to normal.

05:20 09-Aug-2022

Office main link back online.

04:20 09-Aug-2022

Office main link offline, it looks to be the NBN outage.

15:00 01-Aug-2022

NBN outage, We have been given notice of a up and coming NBN outage on the 9th Aug between 4am and 6am that might effect our office main link, during this time our office will run on the backup link till the main link is back online.

12:30 01-Aug-2022

Main hosting server back online, we are still waiting on a update from the hosting provider but all is back online and stable but will still monitor for any problems.

12:00 01-Aug-2022

Main hosting server update, The problem is in the back end and we are waiting on a report.

11:50 01-Aug-2022

Main hosting server problems, We are seeing a problem on our main hosting service, we are looking into it.

09:45 01-Aug-2022

Server3 Update, the problem we was having trying to access server3 and other parts in the same centre was traced to another IP in the same subnet as our office, that was spamming services and in doing so they got blocked but kept doing this and so got the hole /24 blocked, we have contacted our upstream for them to trace this user and see if they are still causing problems for there hole network as spamming is not taking nicely here in Australia, but our office is back online to it.

00:01 01-Aug-2022

Payment system, Since the changes we had done to our invoicing system we now have many added functions in it, and so as of the 1st Aug clients can now make online payments with Visa, Master & Amex cards, But to Note: there is a fee of 2.25% if you pay via this option.

14:50 31-Jul-2022

Server3 update, the problem is looking to be the IP block our office network is on, it was blocked for some reason but this also includes several other services at the same IP block, will update when we know what the problem is outright.

14:10 31-Jul-2022

Server3 access problems, we have lost access to server3 we are looking into this problem.

18:00 20-Jul-2022

Website update, Our main website is now updated but there is still some links being worked on over the coming days.

12:00 20-Jul-2022

Website update, Over the coming months we are updateing websites to a newer software version, but due to the version jump the sites are changing a bit in there looks, members will be sent a email if there website is going to be updated.

10:00 07-Jul-2022

Email problems update, some have made there change and has it working mostly but of know it comes back to the first sending domain and how its handeled by the other domains, we are doing what is standed in the way the emails are handeled if not better but if we done host the email account directly then its not a problem on our end for most of it, if you wish to ask a question then please call, but for now we are still looking into other ways but if we don't host it we can not force the other places to fix there end.

16:00 06-Jul-2022

Email problems update, we are still working on trying to fix other domains problems, the best is for the place that uses mimecast to add a few rules including ip's to greylisting and spoofing on there mimecast account and this will fix 99% of the problems, customers should add both there IPv4 and IPv6 IP's of the domain we host, they can call us if they don't know how to find this info, but for now we are still working on other ways to fix some of these problems.

13:30 06-Jul-2022

SMS problems, as our customers know, we don't host any SMS services but use a few on a daily bases, we found out that we have had a problem receiving sms's from these services for the last few days, on our side we saw it stated the sms was sent but we was not receiving them, we had checked other providers and some had the same problem, we even tried it with a bank account access that needed a sms and it failed, the bank side calmed it was our provider but we had tested both Telstra and Optus, what was found out was the main sms gateway was not working once it was rebooted they found it reached 100% usage with in 10 sec, then a deeper check also found that due to the elections much of the sms's that was sent out had gone through these services and so people was reporting these as spam and so had blocked all sms that used these services too, all is fixed on there end and it looks like things are back to normal, but we will monitor on our end if the problem still happens.

09:00 05-Jul-2022

Email problems update, much of the problem is with domains that use Mimecast for there email filtering, we are working with these domains as its in there settings that the problems are, what the main cause is, a customer is sending a email from eg 123@me to there domain we host 456@domain, they have a forward that sends any emails from 456@domain to 123@me, abc@you, 987@big, but there me domain is filtered by Mimecast, what is happening is for some reason they clam the email is from 123@me but is coming from domain and so blocking it, but they are not checking who the real sender is as our services has SRS enabled and so its sending the email out as 456@domain, this problem is not our side and so have passed it on to the people who is having this problem,
The quick fix is for the person to use there domain email address we host not there other provider as it doesn't effect us direct and also people sending from another domain like gmail to 456@domain will mostly not have this problem.

12:00 04-Jul-2022

Email problems update, well a small update, we have traced the problem to emails that come in from another domain and forward to another domain that we don't host and there end is blocking, more info coming soon.

09:30 04-Jul-2022

Email problems, some of our customers have reported email problems, we are looking into this and will get back with a reply ASAP.

10:00 01-Jul-2022

Hosting backup changes, for all our hosting services we have added a extra service for free to our customers, our hosting has daily backups for our customers (only of 3 retention), but we have also added a service of a weekly full site, offsite backup for to this but with a data retention of 7, customers that need to use one of these backups due to problems to there site must contact us.

08:00 01-Jul-2022

Office and some services temp closure, This is to let our customers know that our office will be closed from Friday the 22nd Jul 2022 to Friday the 29th Jul 2022, Non emergency / Non essentials services will be held off till after the 29th July, But Emergency services will still be available within reason (Hey we have to have our holidays at some time, why not now).

09:30 22-Jun-2022

Network Outage Cloudflare Update, Well the update came out and just one line of text in the wrong spot can cause this type of outage, the good part to it all is now they will look at it better and see the order of text in lines, you can read the write up by Clicking Here.

18:00 21-Jun-2022

Network Outage Cloudflare, Cloudflare has had a outage for a hour effecting much of there services, waiting on a update from them but all is back online, none of our services was effected from it.

00:30 10-Jun-2022

Office Main Link Outage, The link went down for 15 min total, all is back online.

12:00 05-Jun-2022

Office Main Link Outage, We have notice of a outage to the main office line to happen on the 10 Jun from 00:00 to 00:30.

14:30 03-Jun-2022

Routing issue upstream update, still no report but things have stabled out, from our side we lost connection to vocus.network and for some reason we saw crazy routing and loops going via the he.net and tpgi.com.au services.

13:00 03-Jun-2022

Routing issue upstream Update, well some of the services has come back but we are still seeing some things that are not right, also waiting on a report from up stream.

12:30 03-Jun-2022

Routing issues upstream, there is a routing issue in Sydney that is causing random problems to some customers, we have contacted up stream and they are seeing the same further up and so passing it on.

00:25 20-May-2022

Internet change of routes, for some reason there was another change of routes from up stream, but the change has the traffic better then ever.

07:45 18-May-2022

Internet Links Updates, All back on line, Still nothing stating the problem but we see there is a change in routing from a few routers that are upstream, this has nothing to do with our main office link provider as its further up stream and effected many country's too.

07:30 18-May-2022

Internet Links, There is a drop out on some IPv4 and IPv6 Links we are looking into the problem.

12:30 17-May-2022

Office Main Link, as you might have seen some of the ping times had huge changes, these changes are so much better Eg. our IPv6, the last provider was routing its connection via Singapore for no know reason, there was over 16 hops just to reach the ipv6 server, now its down to 5 hops and is kept in Australia, I will not state the name here but its easy to know who I was with for over 15 years.

12:00 17-May-2022

Office Main Link Update, Well all is back and working like it should, we still need to check a few things but from the main parts all is working like it was designed to.

10:30 17-May-2022

Office Main Link, Back online with new provider, but to note, it may take a hour or 2 for some DNS settings to change but all is back up and phone to.

09:55 17-May-2022

Office Main Link, Offline the change over is happening.

09:30 17-May-2022

Office Main link, we have been told the change should start asap and if it goes like it should all will be changed within 20 min but it could take upto 48 hr, for the time being the backup link is working fine and so the office is online but phones will play up for the time being.

19:00 16-May-2022

Office Main Link, Me have made up our mind to change link providers, we are looking into it happening tomorow at some time, will post when we know when its happening.

10:00 13-May-2022

Office main link, we are looking at changing our main link provider soon, the current provider thinks my problems has to be my end tho its in there own routers, they refuse to beleve my stats that show there problem is tru and so we are looking into a better provider, and one that has a local support team too.

09:00 13-May-2022

Wifi Server update, we have completed the wifi server update, all went to plan.

12:15 12-May-2022

Office IPv6 internet update, Upstream IPv6 has gotten back to me on there end and can only see problems in the IPv4 providers side, that same problems I am seeing, and of cause the ping times has gone back up.

10:00 12-May-2022

Wifi Server, we have a notifier of a software update for the wifi hosting server, we have schedule this for tomorrow from just before 9am, the reason for this is if any site problems we can visit.

07:00 11-May-2022

Office IPv6 internet update, IPv6 is geting better, routing to it is becoming like it should but time will tell.

01:00 11-May-2022

Office IPv6 internet update, things are almost back to normal but still no update.

10:00 10-May-2022

Office IPv6 Internet update, again its routing on the providers end but not directly part of the IPv6 side, from our own tracing it looks to be the IPv4 providers routers again that is also adding to other problem, we hope the get this fixed soon.

00:30 10-May-2022

Office IPv6 internet problems now, still no update from main link provider of ipv4 but now ipv6 is going crazy, we are looking into it too.

23:00 09-May-2022

Office internet Update, we have heard nothing back from upstream but have found there own network routers are playing up and causing these problems, the problems we see is some sites have huge lag taim to them while others are ok, we hope to get a report about what happen but not sure when.

21:45 09-May-2022

Office internet problems, We are seeing some crazy problems in network trafic on the office main link we are looking into the problem.

12:00 28-Apr-2022

Website Hosting Server Update: We recived a update from the provider, they are working on the problem of a full file system and the cause, thats all we can paste here in public.

09:25 28-Apr-2022

Website Hosting Server Update: We are waiting on upstream to do a update about this problem, but for now the web interface is back online but we still see the hard drives are full, Of Note: we don't have backend control of this server and it also host other people on it too.

09:00 28-Apr-2022

Main Hosting Server down: From just before 9am our main hosting server went down, it looks to be the main file system is full and in so it took down the web interface, Please note: emails are still working for now but may stop too.

09:00 16-Apr-2022

Routing test, Our office is doing some network testing and routing test over the next week starting today, some of the office status may show higher times but these test will not effect any connection to the office as its only backend routing and network test's, non priority routing.

18:00 11-Apr-2022

Website problems Repaired, Well the problem was traced and fixed, they still don't understand why it happened but since they know it we can watch in case it happens again, It came back to Apache and PHP Conflict with PHP-FPM on the accounts.

08:50 09-Apr-2022

Website problems Updates, still problems there, it looks like its a Apache problem on the server as some sites work on ipv4 but not ipv6 and depending on the route it gives different errors.

16:00 08-Apr-2022

Website problems Updates, we are still looking into the problem as something is not right, we can get the site back but after some time it reverts back to the problem, still looking into what is causing this.

18:30 07-Apr-2022

Website problems, we are seeing a problem on 2 of our domains and are trying to trace it down, this is not effecting our customers sites that we can see, we have requested techs to look into the server end as it looks like that is the problem.

18:00 01-Apr-2022

Website Software and Other Updates, All websites that are managed by our office has today had a update in there main software, we have also updated much of the security updates and added 2FA for all backend access and security tools too.

09:00 01-Apr-2022

NBN Changes, as stated on the 24th Feb, "From the 30th March 2022 NBN will force a change to SOS/ROC, on all FTTN/FTTB connections" our office core was updated just after it and as of today all our customers sites we monitor have not gone down because of this change, but on another note we have not been told that the FTTN units has had the change done, just NBN clame they had the settings enabeled there last year and was disabeling the old settings on the 30th March, we will tho keep monitoring links incase of a problem.

14:00 17-Mar-2022

This website, we tried to do major jump in software version and it failed so we revert it back to before the update, website was down for only 15 min max.

10:00 17-Mar-2022

Websites updates, Due to some problems that have been in the news for overseas we have had to force on all sites that we manage to have some updates and also make sure website that don't need to be viewable from some country's are blocked, we have asked our customers that manage there own sites to do the same too, we recommend ip2location with ipv6 settings too as all of our sites we host &/or support have both IPv4 and IPv6.

11:40 11-Mar-2022

Network Wifi Controller, is was deemed necessary to do a update to our wifi controller, it started 11:00 and the outage was only 30 min and was up by 11:30.

20:40 27-Feb-2022

Office NBN upgrade Update, It was decided to do the upgrade during the quiet time of the internet, the update did not work at first try but after doing the update a different way it all worked, outage was from 20:15 to 20:35.

17:55 24-Feb-2022

NBN upgrade, As of 30th March 2022 NBN will force the change to SOS/ROC, to our customers that have received a notice from there ISP stating they may have to upgrade there NBN modem then please call your ISP if you have a contract with that modem or else contact our office and we can talk about what may be able to be done as many modems can have a firmware upgrade.

17:50 24-Feb-2022

Office NBN upgrade, Today our upstream provider has stated NBN will force the change to SOS/ROC on 30th March, we contacted the provider as we found out they know about this back in September 2021, but also in November 2021 they was given notice this will be forced on all, so our office NBN router will have to have a upgrade, we hope to do this in the beginning of March as the current time table make it impossible to do the upgrade sooner, the upgrade will be done during normal business hours to make sure someone can be on site if a problem arises from it, there is also a backup if any problems might arise.

12:00 20-Feb-2022

Office Temp Close, To our customers, due to up and coming onsite work our office will be closed from Thu 24th Feb and reopen Wed 2nd Mar, there will be limited phone support and but emergency call out is normal, also note accounts my be a day late due to this too.

14:30 18-Feb-2022

Routing other problems, (Nothing to do with other problem) one of the ISP we are linked to had a full loss of routing from 11:15am it took till 14:00 before they came back online, it was found that there upstream had a power problem that took down there aggregation switch, requiring it to be replaced, the problem then was to reprogram it all but most of there systems was back online.

12:00 18-Feb-2022

Routing problems update, there is still no update from upstream but things are still happening, all our sites are online but some customers ISP's are having problems, Please note this has nothing to do with the server move.

08:30 17-Feb-2022

Routing problems update, there is still no update from upstream but looking at our end we can see a huge change in BGP from upstream and so will monitor this more.

06:15 17-Feb-2022

Office Main Link back online, from the router logs it could not route to upstream as they broke there end but they fixed it quick.

06:00 17-Feb-2022

Office Main link off line, we are sure its due to these routing problems up stream.

04:30 17-Feb-2022

Routing problems update, Well more problems, we are still trying to find out what is causing this but know its not our end.

02:10 17-Feb-2022

Routing problems, there had been a huge routing change some-ware up stream causing some internet problems, we are looking into the problem on our end but know its upstream.

15:00 14-Feb-2022

Hosting server Update, All domains have now been changed over to the new system, any of our customers having any problems then please call our main office number and we will look into it ASAP.

12:00 13-Feb-2022

Eftpos Update, well we have moved over to the new system, this system also allows for Amex cards too, the only differences now is we have had to change our T&C on the terminals in regards to the rental price, we have notified our customers about the changes.

12:00 12-Feb-2022

Hosting server Update, All websites are now viewable on the new server, there is a few changes we still have to do and a few email accounts still on the old system that is needed to be moved to the new one, we hope to do these within a few days, we also had to make a few changes in our status as some of the functions are not working yet on the new server, we hope to have these fixed in the coming days.

11:00 12-Feb-2022

Phone system, Our phone system was stuck in a loop 1st on the phone then rebooting and even a hard reboot didn't fix the problem so we had to revert the system back to a older backup, down time was under 1hr.

20:00 11-Feb-2022

Hosting server Update, we have found another provider, from all test they have better access times and support is great, so we have copied all sites over to then and are now in the stage of doing DNS changes, tho many have already be done, we still have to change to registry and once that is done all the services will be moved across, we will update here when completed which can take a few days.

10:00 11-Feb-2022

Hosting server, we have word late last nigh that the Hosting provider will close accounts that have not moved by mid year, we have been in talks to move the service over to another provider and once finalised all will be moved, but we will contact each customer directly on what if anything will need to be changed on there end.

09:00 05-Feb-2022

Eftpos, our office eftpos and all terminal rental services are being switched to another provider over the coming days, this is due to a huge change in the T&C with the old provider that has made it un-economical to keep using them, they had change it that each terminal must be on a 12 month plan or pay a HUGE fee for short tearm, some of the sites we deal with would not not be able to cover the fee in just the sales through the terminal.

10:10 03-Feb-2022

Office Accounting & Billing software updated, our accounting software needed to be updated all done and tested to be working fine.

10:00 01-Feb-2022

Office Accounting & Billing software update, our accounting software needs to be updated this should only take up to 15 min and will be done on the 3rd Feb 2022 about 10am.

05:55 30-Jan-2022

Office Main power back online, still no update on what happened but with the storm we had and when it happened we are sure of what happened.

03:45 30-Jan-2022

Office Main power down, Our office has lost mains power, this is a big outage covering many places and by first reports the Wodonga Sub Station is offline, we are running on generator for now.

13:35 22-Jan-2022

Office Main Link bock online, there has been no reports about the outage but we have seen others connected to the same Up Stream Provider in our area down too, we hope to have a report from USP or NBN about it but we will not be holding our breath for it.

13:15 22-Jan-2022

Office Main Link down, Our Office Main Link is down about 5 min ago, we are looking into the problem.

16:00 19-Jan-2022

Office Main Link possible outage, We have been given notice that on Fri 28th of Jan 2022 from about 13:00 to 16:00 somewhere in the area there will be a power outage work that may effect our Main NBN Link, if like the last one it might not effect our link but will monitor.

11:00 13-Jan-2022

Office Main Link outage update, Well NBN was wrong as the power outage has nothing to do with the area the office is connected to or even the exchange which has generator backup anyway.

10:00 07-Jan-2022

Office Main Link outage, we have been given notice that on the 13th of Jan 2022 from about 08:30 to 16:00 part of the NBN network may be down due to Power Maintenance in that area, We have stated to NBN that there is no reasion they don't have backup power onsite but of cause they clame there links will not be efected only the nodes and they will not run backup just for them, This means that our internet to the office may be down for 4 or so hours once the batteries are all used up at the node, we will update if more info comes to hand.

13:05 05-Jan-2022

Office Main Link Back online.

11:15 05-Jan-2022

Office Main Link update, We reseved a sms from upstreme stating NBN is doing Emergency Work & should be back online by 2pm, we will update soon.

11:05 05-Jan-2022

Office Main Internet Link offline, We are looking into the problem, but office is running off backup link for now.

10:00 04-Jan-2022

IPv6 problems Update; Well upstream found the problem they had with ipv6 geoip settings, and fixed it,
We have tested our end and all is working, We will monitor our end for any problems but for now all is working as it should.

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