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Haddow Internet Network Status History For 2023

21:00 31-May-2023

Office IPv6 Changes complete, our Old provider could not fix the overheads in time to there servers and this was causing problems with using them to the point that we had to move, But our main link provider finely setup ipv6 (tho they needed to document things) and so we made the switch, yes it took some time and we still have some servers in the office that need to be changed but all is stable and fast, we have gone from almost 400ms down to 20ms.

10:00 29-May-2023

Office IPv6 Changes, Our Office is switching its IPv6 provider and the changes may take a few days to have complete.

12:20 25-May-2023

Main Hosting Server Load High Update, the Clients website is back online, it was traced to the Client site had been hacked because of a person in India that had been updating the Clients site had them self been computerised, for our own safety and of our users and clients we have had to block India outright for now and had had to add extra settings to Wordpress sites, if any of our clients have a problem on there site then please contact our office for us to look into the problem.

12:00 25-May-2023

Office open as normal.

11:00 20-May-2023

Main Hosting server Load High Update, it was traced to one of our own Clients sites that was under attack from India, we have had to disable this user site for now and will work on some settings once back in the Office.

10:00 20-May-2023

Main Hosting server Load High, Looking into it.

12:00 11-May-2023

Office Temp Closure, Our Office is closed, phone and some other support is available but site visits will not be (Without Increase Cost).

08:00 01-May-2023

Office Closure, This is a reminder that our office will be close from Thursday the 11th May 2023 and reopen 26th May 2026, phone and some other support is available but site visits will not (Without Increase Cost).

10:16 25-Apr-2023

Main Hosting Server Back online, All is back up, emails will be coming in once the sender servers try to resend again, if set right all emails should be in within 30 min or so,
We are not the only people effected by this outage that looks to be caused by one user, the hosting provider is in the stage of removing some of the problem as the HDD is 99% full.

10:03 25-Apr-2023

Main Hosting server coming back on line, Emails and websites should start working soon.

01:55 25-Apr-2023

Main Hosting Server Down, Our main hosting server is down, being this late at night it might not be till late morning before it comes back on line.

00:01 25-Apr-2023

Main Hosting Server IPv6 Problems, We have been given a report that IPv6 is down on our hosting server, We have reported all problems upstream but its late at night.

23:06 24-Apr-2023

Main Server Load Max, We are getting reports from the monitoring system of a heavy load on the hosting server, we are looking into this.

17:00 11-Apr-2023

Domain Problems, We have been given note that the domain haddow.org.au for some reason is not meeting the AUDA requirements, this was sent from the domain register, we provide some NFPO sub domains and have had to move these, all is done quickly as to fight the problem could take months and money and then the read tape, We will update if things change but as of 1st May 2023 the domain is going to be down.

14:26 07-Apr-2023

Office Main Back Online, We are still monitoring the problem but we are again back online.

14:23 07-Apr-2023

Office Main link down, Yep the main link down again.

14:09 07-Apr-2023

Office Main link back online, For some reason the dropout was at the NBN side, We are still monitoring it.

14:05 07-Apr-2023

Office Main link down, There is a storm in the area but we are monitoring the link as to why it went down, will update soon.

07:25 04-Apr-2023

Main Hosting Server Softaculous Problem Update, Well it gets worse, the software is now inactive and so we have requested our hosting provider to look into there end as to why all these problems,we hope they will get back to us ASAP.

10:00 03-Apr-2023

Main Hosting Server Softaculous Problem, There was an software update done by upstream and for some reason there is now a problem with Softaculous software, Upstream is looking into it .


03:25 23-Mar-2023

Office Main link Back Online, Well it looks like NBN finished early.

03:06 23-Mar-2023

Office Main link Offline, It looks like NBN has started there work.

17:00 21-Mar-2023

Office Main link, Our main NBN link provider has just received a late notice of a upcoming outage to happen on the POI on the 23rd Mar 2023 between the hours of 3am to 5am but state it will be only 1 hr total.

12:12 14-Mar-2023

Office Main link Back Online, Our NBN and all service through it are back online.

10:50 14-Mar-2023

Office Main link Update, Our NBN provider contacted NBN and found NBN claimed they didn't know about this but the power provider has noted they had for a month.

10:05 14-Mar-2023

Office Main link down, Well the Main NBN link is down, the so call 4 hr uptime is not true now, this will effect our phones and a few websites till power is restored to the NBN box.

08:30 14-Mar-2023

Office Power Update, Well we found out by the power provider there is work in the next street, our office power will stay up but our FTTN will not have power, NBN has failed to notify us of this work, the work state 08:30 to 12:30.

08:20 14-Mar-2023

Office Power Problem, We have seen a power contractor around the area, this means there is a power line work somewhere we are looking into it.

09:00 12-Mar-2023

Office Links Update, Well it looks like all is working like it should, Dam it took some time but we will monitor for any problems.

18:00 11-Mar-2023

Office Links Online, Sorry for no updates during it as it took time, The software install went well, but it took time to reconfigure the router for the office networks, The server is stable and so for now we are finished for the most part, we will have to do a few tweaks tomorrow.

09:00 11-Mar-2023

Office Links Down, We have started the install.

08:00 11-Mar-2023

Office Links Update, We are taking the plunge and doing a complete fresh install of the firewall, this may take the links up and down a few times.

04:10 11-Mar-2023

Office Links Back online, Firewall software had rebooted.

04:00 11-Mar-2023

Office Links Down, we are looking into why.

17:00 10-Mar-2023

Office Links Up, We will monitor for problems but see there are still some error's from the server.

16:00 10-Mar-2023

Office Links Down Again, The Firewall is still playing up, we are in the stage of doing a software upgrade.

15:00 10-Mar-2023

Office Links back online, we had to force a reboot but now there are huge error logs coming in.

14:00 10-Mar-2023

Office Links Down, we are looking into why.

08:00 01-Mar-2023

Office Main link Problems, Over the last few months we have seen some crazy errors on our firewall, we are looking into this.

08:45 16-Feb-2023

Office main link outage update, well we had found out why the office main link went down, It looks like it was a Routing problem at the link between NBN and the Upstream provider, they are both stating it was caused by the other side but its fixed for now.

08:20 16-Feb-2023

Office main link back online, Still don't know why but from about 7am we have seen some noise on the line, we will be monitoring it for problems.

08:15 16-Feb-2023

Office Main link down, we are looking into why.

10:00 15-Feb-2023

We have been given last min notice of a possible power outage that may affect the NBN in our office area for the 17th Feb from 8am to 4pm, we are 99% sure it has nothing to do with the direct area and so will not affect us (But if things change we will comment here).

10:00 10-Feb-2023

We have tech's in the are feeding rope in our phone pits, NBN FTTP is coming to our office soon.

10:20 08-Feb-2023

Office main link back online, There are people working in the phone line pits in the area, they are getting ready to run FTTP and of cause they had to move some equipment and this in turn caused a dropout of our internet, this is why FTTP is coming.

10:15 08-Feb-2023

Office Main link down, Looking into it.

01:09 07-Feb-2023

Office main link back online, that's right 3 min outage for a 30 min one.

01:06 07-Feb-2023

Office Main link down, Look to be NBN work.

00:00 02-Feb-2023

Well the outages NBN reported they was going to do on the 1st and the 2nd Feb never happened (The Power one I was 99% sure it would not effect the NBN).

13:45 31-Jan-2023

Office NBN Planned Outage, Our Main Link Internet Provider has notified us that NBN has stated they will need to work on the NBN POI that our office is connected to on the 07 Feb 2023 from 0100 to 0200, our office will be on its backup link during this time.

13:00 28-Jan-2023

Office Firewall/Router Back to normal, all office services are back to normal, we are still looking into why it happened as the software provider claims it should not have happened but it did.

10:00 28-Jan-2023

Office Firewall/Router Update, For some reason there was a auto update that caused the router to reboot, in turn the same update is causing the firewall to not come back to normal, which is causing some outages, we are trying to trace down the direct problem and fix it ASAP.

08:40 28-Jan-2023

Office Firewall/Router Down, For some reason our office firewall is down we are looking into the problem.

04:15 28-Jan-2023

Office main link back online.

03:15 28-Jan-2023

Office Main Link down, Due to work by NBN our office main link is down.

19:15 27-Jan-2023

Upstream SIP network back to normal.

18:35 27-Jan-2023

Upstream provider has reported an outage in there network to there SIP network, this doesn't actually effect our office.

13:30 27-Jan-2023

NBN Planned Outage, NBN them self has stated there will be a power outage that may effect our office on 01 Feb 2023 from 1300 to 1600, To note: this might not cause any problems as NBN only reports power work to a wide area, not the Node.

13:20 27-Jan-2023

Office NBN Planned Outage, Our Main Link Internet Provider has notified us that NBN has stated they will need to urgent work on the NBN POI that our office is connected to on the 28 Jan 2023 from 0300 to 0500, our office will be on its backup link during this time.

13:00 27-Jan-2023

Office NBN Planned Outage, Our Main Link Internet Provider has notified us that NBN has stated they will need to be working on the NBN POI that our office is connected to on the 02 Feb 2023 from 0300 to 0400, our office will be on its backup link during this time.

14:40 25-Jan-2023

Office Main power back online, Ausnet got the job done early and so we are back on mains power.

08:43 25-Jan-2023

Office Main power down, Ausnet working on the high voltage down the road from the office, we are running on backup generator.

10:00 11-Jan-2023

Office Main power outage, Ausnet has Scheduled a mains power outage set for the 25th Jan 2023 from 8:45am to 4pm, during this time the office will be running on backup generator.

13:00 10-Jan-2023

Customers websites update, To all customers that use Wordpress and not have the site directly managed by our office, There is a Security Vulnerability in both the main Software and the plugin's that must be fixed ASAP, You can view some of the info about the Vulnerability by clicking here WP, for the safety of our other users our office has forced the use of IP Blocker on the sites we can access, and for the sites we can not that site is suspended till the site is fixed, the fix is easy "UPDATE IT" both the Core and all Plug In's, you can also have it do this automaticity as the software supports this, Of note; if for some reason your update brakes your site, we can revert you site back to the last off server site backup, please call us for more info.

10:30 10-Jan-2023

Main Hosting server Back online, it came down to a customers account that caused the firewall to block the server, tho the fix was in place before it blocked the IP and so upstream is looking into why it did not mark it as fixed.

09:30 10-Jan-2023

Main Hosting server Update, We have contacted upstream and they are looking into the problem.

09:15 10-Jan-2023

Main Hosting server Update, We have access to the server but are looking into what is causing these time outs as from our side we don't see a problem.

09:00 10-Jan-2023

Main Hosting server, ping time outs, we are looking into a problem we are seeing on our main server with ping timeouts.

07:00 10-Jan-2023

Customers Websites, We have had a few people not keep there website secure and so for these sites we have had to place a hold on the site till the security updates are done, we will be doing these update over the next few days,
To Note; the sites effected are not maintained by HE, we are hosting only and so this comes back to the customer who failed to follow standard security updates
If the site can not be updated then the site will remain on hold till the customer fixes there problems.

03:55 01-Jan-2023

Office IPv6 Main Link back online, from our side it looks to have been a core crash in Sydney on the ipv6 network.

03:40 01-Jan-2023

Office IPv6 Main Link down, we are looking into this.

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